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Topoľčany District

The ancient TopOkres_TO_FG.pngoľčanyregInfo_okres3.jpgion is to be praised for its rich history. From time immemorial it has been a natural part of Slovak history. It is here where the oldest known cave settlement in Slovakia is located, here where the first evidence of the use of letters by the Central European Slavs was found, here where the thick forests of the Považský Inovec Mountains conceal the oldest standing rotunda on the territory of Slovakia and here, in this ancient region, where one of the most important centres of Great Moravia was located. But it’s not only these important monuments that make the region interesting. Its charm is also contained in seemingly insignificant little churches or in manor houses whose interiors hold rare artefacts, such as the collection of the library at the Chateau Appony, or rare age-old frescos and altars. No less attractive are theromantic ruins of the Oponice and Topoľčany castles, which soar like silent guards above the region; a visit to them will not only leave a deep impression on you but also many pleasant memories.

During a visit to the region you can, in addition to the rare monuments, Info_okres2.jpgobviously also select from a diverse mix of cultural events which are certain to interest and enchant you. Get acquainted with various folk customs and traditions which help to shape the singular folklore and colouring of the scenic Topoľčany region. You can attend some of the non-traditional events, too, like the Opening of the Swimming Season for the Hardy, the Opening of the Motoring Season, the Goulash-Cooking Competition at the Ranč pod Babicou, and a viewing of non-traditional watercraft. You can also visit the golden autumn forests in the surroundings of Oponice Castle, where during the medieval days the merry melodies of zithers and flutes, the aroma of culinary specialities and the loud clatter of weapons are guaranteed to raise your spirits. Also worth mentioning are the traditional Topoľčany craft fairs, which are proud of their rich history stretching back to medieval times, or the grape-harvest festival accompanied by a rich cultural programme, demonstrations of folk crafts, the tasting of traditional goodies, obviously including excellent wines and young wine must or federweisser (burčiak).

The deep forests of Tríbeč have a delightful effect, as does the Považský Inovec, which hides such jewels as the oldest cave settlement in Slovakia, the cave Čertova pec (The Devils‘ Furnace), or the eye-catching viewing towers on the peaks Marhát and Panská javorina, offering views to the wider surroundings that will take your breath away. Perhaps the only the view that can even compete with this one is that of the Topoľčany region from the bizarre rocky cliff Veľká skala (“Great Crag”), from where the fertile valley of the River Nitra, interlaced with intricate roads and yellow rows of grain, is visible as if in the palm of your hand. If you are among those who love to know nature, you will certainly enjoy a pleasant walk along the Duchonka - Kulháň Forest Instructional Path, which will awaken in your interest in the surrounding forest and at the same time enable you to feel the peace and beauty that reign over this picturesque corner of the region.

The Info_okres1.jpgTopoľčany reInfo_okres4.jpggion is a varied place full of many enticements and attractions, which make from it an excellent location for spending free time. Your children will love a visit to the Ranč pod Babicou and its Mini-zoo, which is located in the beautiful and quiet surroundings of the village of Bojná. Adults can here enjoy undisturbed fishing with the opportunity to grill their own catch. During hot summer days you will certainly enjoy visiting the summer swimming baths in Topoľčany, which has two swimming pools and a children’s wading pool ready for you. During your visit you can here frolic on the toboggans or use the volleyball courts, table tennis tables, the futnet grounds or tennis courts. Do you wish to go somewhere outside with your friends? The wine bar Vineria, for example, offers agreeable gatherings with wine. Here, in the tasting cellar directly beneath Topoľčany’s main square, you can enjoy a fine chamber atmosphere which is built for romantic nights as well as family celebrations or meetings with friends.

Whether you’ve already decided to visit historical monuments, cultural events, the natural beauty or the wide offer of different attractions, the Topoľčany region is a place where you will decidedly not be bored and which offers you a holiday full of remarkable experiences.


Topoľčany district quick facts:

Country: Slovakia
Region: Nitra Region
Area: 597.64 km ² (59,764 ha)
Population: 72,231 (31 December 2011)
The population density: 120,86 inhabitants. / Km ²
Time zone: CET (UTC +1)
Tel. code: 038
District code: 406
Towns: 1
Municipalities: 53