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A Region of Active Relaxation and Movement

Region_aktivneho_oddychu02.jpgThe combination of horse riding away from civilization, direct contact with the horse, changing scenery and fresh country air will enable you to escape from your everyday cares and enjoy an adventure that will live long in the memory. All horse lovers should visit the Vítkovské stables, located in the quiet surroundings of the nearby village of Kuzmice. Beginners can learn basic riding skills under the supervision of experienced trainers, while more proficient riders can go out into the countryside on horseback and enjoy the scenery. A stay in the beautiful surroundings of the Vítkovské stables is a great way of spending free time with friends or family.

Region_aktivneho_oddychu04.jpgThere are few things as pleasant as looking at the world from the saddle of a horse. For cycling fans, however, the seat of a bike is just as appealing. Cycling is another ideal way of seeing the natural surroundings of Topoľčany. Keen cyclists will enjoy exploring the dirt tracks around the reservoirs, the strenuous hill trails through the forests and the narrow paths leading through the fields and meadows of the region with their hundreds of wildflowers of all colours and shapes. It is a region with much to offer lovers of natural landscape.

Region_aktivneho_oddychu03.jpgCyclists should definitely try out one of the most impressive cycle paths of the region leading first through the thick forests of the Považský Inovec then through pretty meadows up to the peak of Panská javorina, from where there are views of the whole surrounding region.
Also recommended is the blue-marked cycling trail around the three reservoirs of Tesáre, Duchonka and Nemečky. Here the beauty of the surrounding countryside forms a harmonious whole with the dwellings built there. The serenity of the area is like balm to the soul.

Region_aktivneho_oddychu01.jpgLovers of adrenalin sports will really appreciate the red-marked cycling trail joining the most interesting places in the Považský Inovec and combining dense forest, open green meadows and spectacular views. Follow the winding path starting at Kulhán, one of the best known recreational spots in the region and an ideal place for spending time with family and friends. From there, a short forest trail will take you to Duchonka, in summer a popular party and concert venue. Have a short break in the pleasant quiet of the alder forest, then carry on through the pretty village of Závada till you get to Bojná, where the Ranč pod Babicou offers tasty refreshments, fishing and a Mini-zoo with various attractions for little children. From there it is just a short distance to the top of Marhát, from where there are beautiful views of the whole area. The next adrenalin-soaked stretch is the stuff of fairy tales and takes you past the Rotunda of St George, an area of great peace and tranquility; on the sun-baked hills you can feel the rich history of this ancient place. Once you have fully taken in its atmosphere, you can then go on to the village of Radošina, a well-known wine-growing locality and home to the oldest cave settlement in Slovakia, Čertová pec (The Devil’s Furnace). From there the trail goes through the village of Svrbice, at the heart of the sunny hills of Považský Inovec, then on to the town of Piešťany.


The yellow-marked cycle trail is ideal for families with children and joins the busy life of the town to the quiet life of the countryside. In the town you can first visit the outdoor swimming pool and the historical square; from there you can then cycle out to the reservoir in Malé Bedzany or visit the stables in Vítkovce. This is just a sample of what the trail offers.

If there are other outdoor activities which appeal more to you, you can go to the town park in the centre of Topoľčany, a place ideal for jogging and inline skating. Little children will enjoy the modern playground there while their parents can relax on one of the nearby benches under the canopy of leafy trees. There is also a skate park there for young people hungry for fun and unlimited adrenalin.